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Meet Dave

He is a local outdoor living contractor. He runs a growing business. He loves designing and building beautiful outdoor living areas for his customers. 

But, Dave is frustrated.

While his business is growing, he is spending way too much time on marketing, and he doesn’t know if what he is doing is really working. 

He’d really like to have a reliable, steady stream of new leads and customers, without him having to spend so much time trying to stay on top of current trends in web design, advertising, social media, content, and reputation management. 

That’s Where We Come In

Not only do we run a growing small business like Dave, we’ve also been involved with running an outdoor living business. 

We know the daily struggles of getting more customers and keeping them happy, running the crews, marketing, accounting, and being a good community member. 

We’ve been there. 

Today, we specialize in marketing for hardscape and outdoor living contractors.

Proven Marketing Framework

Our proven local marketing framework focuses on your

1) Online Presence, 2) Reputation, and 3) Reach.

This framework has helped generate millions of dollars in revenue for local businesses and organizations just like Dave’s. No theories. Just experience.

Be Like Dave

He scheduled a FREE discovery session to identify key areas of his online marketing that will help him get more customers, build his reputation, and stand out above his competition. 

He discovered how easy it is to have Hardscape Marketer handle all of his online marketing to grow revenue AND saving him a ton of time. 

Now, Dave Is Happy

His business stands out as the clear local choice for outdoor living projects, and it is growing with a steady stream of new leads and customers.

Best of all, he gets to spend more time doing the stuff he loves instead of all the marketing stuff, AND spend more time with his family. 

Dave is no longer getting left behind in his market and is now a local market leader. 

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Very Impressed!

Kris and his team go above and beyond! The website they built for us looks amazing! Thanks!

Jacob V. Aug 29th, 2019

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When you work with us, you’re working with marketers who have been in your shoes. We’re a small business too, and having been part of a family-owned landscaping company, we have insider knowledge of the hardscaping and outdoor living industry.

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